Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dual Fuel Range Cookers

When purchasing new appliances, many people look at the different benefits of certain models over others and their money saving capabilities. What you may not know when shopping for a new range oven is that dual fuel cookers provide the flexibility of being able to choose which fuel you cook with, as well as offering energy efficient cooking that is less of a strain on the environment? How is this possible?

If your local electric company provides you with electricity from a renewable source such as solar or wind power, every time you use the electric components of a dual fuel cooker to cook your meals, you are helping save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Thus, a dual fuel range cooker is a great option for someone who wants to reduce their emissions and work on going green, without having to sacrifice the quick and efficient cooking a gas stove can offer.


The Comfort Furnace

The revolutionary Comfort Furnace™ provides a money-saving solution to all your heating needs. Using an average of 35% less energy than conventional electric furnace/baseboard systems, the Comfort Furnace™ is the most economical way to heat your home and can cut your heating bills by up to 50%! Its Infrared quartz heating system evenly disperses warm air throughout your home; 80% of the heat generated by the Comfort Furnace™ is absorbed by the objects in the room instead of dissipating through the walls, floors and ceiling as other heating systems do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cevisama 2008

Trend seekers and trend makers in the kitchen and bathroom arena will be in Spain next month for tile tradeshow Cevisama. The 26th annual event will be held at the Feria Valencia exhibition center February 5-9.

Visitors hailing from countries including Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and the U.S will find ceramic tiles, surface coverings equipment, raw materials, glazes, frits, and more. Products will be spread out over eight pavilions--an area of nearly 2.5 million square feet. This year the show will also include machinery, which is only shown even years.

The event lineup includes the 2008 International Architectural Ceramic and Bathroom Furnishings Competitions. Recognizing design, engineering, and architecture students, the awards program drew over 500 entries this year. Also in the works: An international bathroom design competition, trend spots, awards for innovation, and lectures and workshops. interior design

Monday, April 16, 2007

Design Tips

Resourceful light sources
Try table lamps or swing wall lamps for a luxurious look that can provide a more natural light.

Vanity Fair
Seek out a vanity that looks more like a piece of furniture than a cabinet. You can convert an antique bureau or select a bow-fronted vanity for a unique, custom-look.

Show your true colors
Don’t be afraid of bold color in the bathroom, especially since the paintable wall surface is often reduced by showers, mirrors and tile. armstrong

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maiolica series from Casa Mood

Casa Mood’s extruded ceramic Maiolica series brings a cool glamour to kitchens and bathrooms with white, black, silver, and gold (shown) color options. Tiles are available in 12”-square mosaics or individual sizes, such as 3” x 6” and the 6”-square tiles shown here. This series is part of a new comprehensive collection debuting throughout 2007.
Be sure to check the rest of their products. These folks make beautiful stuff.

Casa Mood via materialicio.us

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Duravit Sundeck Bathtub

The Sundeck bathtub can be installed outdoors or anyway where there is a hot water connection. A padded cover keeps the water warm: when folded at the ends, it creates two headrests; when fully open it can be used as a sunlounger or deck. The rectangular shape of the bathtub (in acrylic 186 x 86 cm) emphasises the essential clarity of the concept. The wood panelling is weatherproof.duravit

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Contemporary Marble and Concrete Fireplace from Mark Concrete

Sophisticated and elegant, Mark Concrete mixes new and classic materials in their contemporary marble and concrete fireplace. The textured blue-grey concrete meets the glossy green marble along a gently sweeping wood line. It curls up like a slender column of smoke rising from the hearth. A large installation, the marble and concrete fireplace is designed to look fabulous even if not lit. The open hearth sits off centre and in an almost demure position. Beneath a warm ruddy mantelpiece that highlights the natural veins in the polished marble, the fireplace indulges in contracting colours and textures. An award winning design by Mark Concrete, the contemporary marble and concrete fireplace blends classic luxury with sophisticated style.trendir